Dental Phobias


Visiting a dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings is very important. In fact, studies suggest that oral heath is directly linked to overall health, and prevention and early detection of oral diseases requires both at home and in office dental care.

Unfortunately, many people avoid the dentist due to phobias caused by previous unpleasant experiences, or the expectation of pain and discomfort. At Jana Calhoun Dental, we understand these fears and work to ensure that our patients are comfortable and safe, while enjoying dental visits free of anxiety and fear.


Common Dental Phobias

 Phobias range widely from person to person, but the most common dental phobias can be broken down into two categories:

     ♦ Fear –Painful experiences with dentists in the past, fear of needles, the threat of gagging or choking, even sensitivity to the sounds of dental tools can play a role in causing fear.

     ♦ Anxiety –A distrust of medical professionals, feeling panicked in the dentist chair, and the anticipation of pain can all lead a person to feel anxious and nervous when visiting a dentist.

Of course, each person is unique, and no general overview can include all potential dental phobias.


Dental Phobia Solutions

At Jana Calhoun Dental, we are devoted to the comfort and safety of our patients.

Discussing your hesitation about dentistry upfront with our dental team will allow us to work with you to create the level of comfort you need in order to be relaxed while receiving the oral care you deserve.

If you live in the Jackson County, Florida area, and dental phobia have kept you from receiving the general dentistry you need, please contact the experienced dental team at Jana Calhoun Dental to schedule a consultation.

We are here for you and truly care!